Choose The Proper Diet for The “O”

When start planning for a diet programme, people usually confuse to choose which program suitable for them. This is cause of the differencies that making diet they need for each of them is also different, such as their body’s condition, gender, age, and other differences. These make us have to decide which diet program we should choose wisely and make us have to collect much information about those diet programmes and nutrients we need for our body while we try to make less false informations. This effort will help us to run our diet programme right as our plan and gain the succeed of diet programme as determination we need.

One of these diet programmes including our blood type. In this diet programme, we should consider our own blood type, is it A, B, O or AB. An author, dr. Peter D Adamo has written a book with a title “Eat Right For Your Type”. In this book he talks much about what suitable diet for each blood type. In a diet programme, foods we consume have a big relationship with the blood type of the one who run it. By measure kind of food prohibited and allowed for the blood type, this book says that this way will help to minimalize bad effect that could happen when running our diet.

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Natural Ways to Fight the Flu

Flu is a contagious disease that occurs due to viral RNA from influenza virus. Symptoms experienced by people who suffer from this disease are fever, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, cough and fatigue. There are so many drugs used to treat flu, but a natural treatment could be the best alternative. Here are natural ways to fight the flu:

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Dragon Fruit, Fruit of Many Benefits

Generally dragon fruit has a peculiar use to decrease cholesterol level and balancing sugar blood. Dragon fruit also help to prevent cancer and keep our mouth healthy. If you have constipation, this fruit can be a wonder cure for you. Routine consumption of this fruit can help hypertension sufferer, beside it can give a smooth, fine, and soft skin.

Many researche results show how beneficial dragon food for healthy. Marhazlina M, researcher from Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Putra Malaysia University researched the influence of dragon fruit consumption to sugar blood and cholesterol level in Diabetes Mellitus type 2 patiences which it doesn’t depend on insulin. It shows how dragon fruit control the level of both.

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How to Eat More Protein without Eating Meat, Eggs, or Dairy

Protein sources are diverse, but there are some sources of protein should be avoided because some people have certain diseases such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, allergies and so on. The best source of protein is meat, eggs and dairy. But how to get more protein without eating meat, eggs and dairy products? These are some about the protein source beside meat, eggs and dairy that can be your reference to improve the protein in your body.

You can eat more protein with consuming fish. Compared with meat, fish have a lower fat that safe for health. Some fish that have good fats are salmon and tuna. Both contain lot of omega-3 that will have a positive effect on the body.

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Health Benefits of Beets

Fruits became one of foods that contain a lot of nutrients, one of them is the beets. This fruit may not have been too popular when compared to other fruits, though this fruit has a tremendous benefit to health. These beets contain folic acid, potassium, fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and others. The following are the health benefits of beets that you should know.

First health benefits of beets is to treat liver, kidney cleanse, fight infection, naturalize venom and gall bladder. To get these benefits, you can combine it with carrots and cucumbers.

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6 Ways to Raise Your Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is essential hormone for the health of women and men. Generally hormone testosterone in man produces 20 times more than women. Just not to sexual function, this hormone is also useful to keep muscles and bones strong. When the age someone more 30 year testosterone hormone will decline. Here are ways to raise testosterone naturally you can do.

The first way is lose weight, because fat will make testosterone levels decreased, especially if there is a buildup of fat in the abdomen. Therefore, to increase testosterone levels you should lose weight, especially in the abdomen.

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